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The risk of falling from above, linked to working at heights, is the main cause of mortal accidents, in the field of construction.

In order to guarantee the right safety conditions in building yards, Safety Plast has developed a system of temporary edge protection, that is the Antifall Railing.

Accidents while working represent a serious problem which involves all the workers categories of the job world.

Safety Plast is sure that all the innovations here presented will arouse the interest of all operators in this sector, and in particular those who are the most sensitive to the problem of safety in building yards.

Description of the product

A rigid, light and versatile railing which can be adapted to a variety of yard protection typologies of class A (ref. UNI EN 13374).

Apart from any surface and configuration of the site to be protected, this system can be perfectly adapted to any typology of site and is easy to be maintained and laid.

The different anchor components (for external stringcourse, upper stringcourse, internal stringcourse, on the fa?ade or on the level floor) and the adaptability of the system SAFETY PLAST allow protection against falls in different yard typologies.

The design and colours of the SAFETY PLAST will as well play their role in the safety, productivity and aesthetic improvement of the yard.

The possibility of personalizing the system with the logo of the company using it (optional) will help to consolidate its image and to make it easy to identify its owner.

Main Characteristics

  • Structure of the railing: PEHD
  • External size: 2040 x 1100 mm
  • Post in PEHD with release valve
  • Galvanized steel junction tube ext. 33 mm
  • Weight of the barrier: 10.5 kg
  • Weight of the whole system with two posts 13,2 kg

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